Welcome to Vodalink Telecom - Your family internet provider

The future of telecommunications is here

We are a Montreal based telecommunication company offering high speed Internet, digital telephony and HD Television services. We aim for excellence and stellar customer satisfaction.

High Speed Internet

We guarantee high speed Internet access at any time thanks to our expertise in network management.

Digital telephony

Vodalink's digital telephony has stood the test of time. Today it is among the best VoIP systems offering top quality phone calls.

HD Television

Hours of fun guaranteed with over 150 channels, movies on demand and HD quality picture.

Smartphone apps

We offer the opportunity to speak all over the world with our free mobile apps. VPana is now available on Android and Apple.

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Why choose Vodalink?

Innovation, satisfaction and excellence are the three pillars in which Vodalink has built its business model. Any decision, training and approaches undertaken by Vodalink are based on these pillars.

Network security

We are experts in network maintenance. You will never be a victim of network attacks.

Quality of phone calls

What makes us so confident in the quality and reliability of our telephony system is that we are leaders in digital telephony development. With over 10 years of experience, we have infinite trust in our services.

Smartphone applications

We develop mobile applications that allow you to speak all over the world for free. Currently, our featured application is called VPana and can be downloaded from the applications market .

Expert technical support

Our engineers and technical support representatives are always happy to help you with their expertise.

Simple and fair billing

Our business model is simple: We offer you the services, you pay for services. No more, no less.

Worldwide compatibility

Our services are available worldwide. Vodalink offers you the ability to connect with the world through our various services and applications./p}